Monthly Sales Boosted By 6x After Complete Account Overhaul – Pet Care

Monthly Sales Boosted By 6x After Complete Account Overhaul – Pet Care

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For more than 3 years this client has been selling ESA letters as a digital product to the audience which wants the freedom to take along their pet animal with them. So, this ESA letter given by the client with the help of a doctor helps their users present their dog as an emotional support animal and not a normal pet

The Problem

The client was facing the challenge of bringing down the CPA from $80 per sale to below $65 per sale while also scaling their business.

The account I took over was messy and poorly managed. Campaigns were poorly planned and there was no activity on the account for the last 30 days

The landing page was also very dull because of which website visitors were not taking any action on the website and it resulted in poor sales. 

The Strategy

The strategy to improve the account's performance was very simple yet sharp. The account structure needed a complete overhaul with some tweaks in the landing page.

Remedial Actions

·       Improving campaign structure

·       Reducing Cost-per-Click (CPC)

·       Increase the quality score of keywords

·       Adding multiple ad copies per ad group

·       Refining the keyword inventory

·       Pausing or deleting costly keywords

·       Adding negative keywords to campaign and ad groups

·       Tweaking campaigns to increase conversions

·       Working on bettering the average conversion rate


My plan of action worked immediately and new PPC campaigns started performing after going live. As you can see in the graph below, conversion boosted after the launch of the new campaigns and CPA also came down below $65. Monthly conversions which were around 75, shot up to 464 in a span of 4 months.


Now after handing over the account back to the client after completely optimizing and automating the account, he is saving huge chunks to acquire new customers.

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