How We Increased eCommerce Revenue from $20K to $200K

How We Increased eCommerce Revenue from $20K to $200K

    1. Background

    This B2C Client was selling auto spare driving conversions via eBay and Amazon stores. They were also running ads on Google Shopping and Display network. They were not seeing particularly good results from Google Shopping and display network, with a high cost per acquisition (CPA) and low return on ad spend (ROAS). They were Struggling to make the most from their budget when they hit a revenue of $20k per month and they were clueless as to how to grow their business. This client came on board via Upwork and wanted to scale their business and increase their return on investment from paid search.

    2. Objective

    Upon our takeover, my main challenge was to improve the performance of Shopping ads and increase sales while steadily bringing down the CPA. The client was using a manual bidding strategy for their more than 100k products   

    3. Strategy

    To meet our objective and increase sales from the ads, I created multiple campaigns based on the profit margins. This allowed me to bid more for the products that had more margins. Upon digging down the product page, multiple gaps were identified and rectified before scaling the campaigns. Once revenue started increasing and CPA went downhill, I increased the budget to get more sales During the campaign optimization phase, I continued to tweak and optimize the campaigns, both reacting to results and being proactive in testing new strategies and campaign types to improve performance.   

    4. Results


    We are an online advertising experts with more than a decade of experience creating, managing and scaling successful advertising campaigns. I work on your account, optimizing your campaigns to decrease your spending and skyrocket your sales. I am completely transparent with my clients and tell them what they can expect — even if that means a short-term increase in spending — but as this case study clearly shows, the payoff can be huge.   

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